Saturday, December 27, 2014

Creating Your Own Joy!

Creating Your Own Joy!

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So I have been away for quite some time now. Even the most positive people have lapses in their lives. I have often said that my life is very dynamic and not at all static, Ever changing whether I choose it to be or now. I have, however, learned to overcome most of the obstacles that are thrown my way by learning to leap. Sometimes though I trip...leaded me to feel very lost and abandoned. It can be good for the soul to take time away to reflect. So, I did just that...

Recently, I met some people who too are very positive orientated. Just meeting them and being in their light made me feel uplifted. I know how or why just that it was. That's all I need to come out of the darkness and back into the light. 

Christmas has always been a bit difficult on my spirit so this year I decided to make my own joy. I creating a light show to celebrate the season. Something I have wanted to do for a very long time. Now that the season is past, and I MADE IT through it unharmed I am excited to back blogging. I have included a link to my Christmas Spirit play list on my YouTube channel for anyone who would like to share in the feeling. I hope to continue these lights shows in the future, but I will do what I can as always. 

I don't know where my blogging will take me in the new year, but I hope I can provide positive, and uplifting advice/information to those of you who need a little boost. I do know that no matter what it will be helpful for me to write no matter what. Just know that we all struggle from time to time. It does take dedication to stay positive, but it is do-able. 

Many Blessings and a Very Happy New Year!

Annie :)