Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fear of Public Speaking

Do You Fear Public Speak Too?

Over the  last few months I have been on an extending holiday. After writing/publishing my book, and my radio show I needed some time to myself. Or so I thought...Thankfully and gratefully I have been receiving just the right amount of radio interview requests. For those of you who have been keeping up with me you know that public speaking, socializing, or any kind of human contact is not my favorite thing to do. Not that I don't like people. I love people; I just don't always enjoy the way being with other people makes me feel. As I have said for some time now this is all a learning process on my journey. We all travel a path in life, and each is unique that individual. 

However, it is very necessary to discuss my book, and get the word out to those who may benefit from the information it provides. By now I have gained the feeling of "old hat" whenever I step to the phone for one of these amazing interview opportunities. I realize that this too is part of my on going journey to be healthier. I was reminded of something a mind coach said to me once in a pin I found...
This is crucial when evaluating how I feel about things. Do I still get a bit "gittery", sweaty, and nervous before the phone rings? Yes! However, I treat it like excitement rather than fear now.

Most people are afraid of public speaking because they are overly concerned about what those people listening will think of them, or judge them by. Most of these people are strangers so the need to care is only in the mind of fear in my opinion. Thus I can vanquish fear quickly and easily now.

When you are faced with a public speak opportunity treat it as it is. It is merely an opportunity to guide, or educate someone else on a subject your are familiar with. Simple as that. In fact, I don't prepare for my interviews other than to make myself comfortable. I do them "on the fly". After all, the subject material is something I know a lot about so there is no real need to practice anything. If you need notes, or run through then I would surmise the subject material is not that familiar to you, and you should learn more about it prior to speaking on it. I'm not judging here, just stating that the more familiar it is to you the easier it is to talk about, thus relieving the pressure that causes fear.

So...the next time you are faced with a public speaking engagement try having fun with it. Most of the people there don't have the knowledge you have on the subject or they would not be there anyway. You have that advantage starting out. We all make mistakes, and I messed up all the time. I just laugh and go on knowing that the mistakes remind me that I'm alive!

Hope you the best in your endeavors! Blessings friends!
Annie :)